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All Bedwetting Reviews

Chummie Bedwetting Alarm / All Bedwetting Reviews

By Rakel

5 out of 5
My child has a new-found confidence. It was the miracle my family was looking for!

By Setsaas

5 out of 5
The mat senses moisture, even small amounts, and gives off a loud alarm with vibration designed to wake the bedwetter. We wanted to avoid medication for our 10-year-old deep sleeper bedwetter and after trying dozens of other tricks it seemed like our only hope. Within 3 weeks, my son was dry every night when he had been soaking through his undies before.

By Ms. Werner

5 out of 5
My grandson uses to wet the bed nearly every night so our doctor recommended us to try a bedwetting alarm. We had tried many options to make him stop peeing in the bed but nothing worked. We considered it a last option but to our surprise this bedside alarm really worked and he is now trained well to get up before he wets the bed.

By Robert

4 out of 5
It took him four months to respond fully to the alarm. Now he sleeps without alarm without any relapse and we are really thankful and happy parents.

By Anette

5 out of 5
This product worked like a charm for our 13-year-old heavy sleeper. Wish I had bought this 2 years ago.

By Alexander

5 out of 5
It was loud enough to wake him and he went from 2 wets a night to 1, to 0 in 10 nights! Wish I had bought this 2 years ago.

By Johanne

5 out of 5
This was the best! It worked!! I bought this for my little older son about a month ago. Have been beyond happy with this purchase. Within 3 weeks, the alarm was no longer going off and he was getting up on his own.

By Lasse

5 out of 5
After using this alarm, my son wakes up dry every morning and I find him very joyful and more confident. The first week was really hard he would not get up many times and slept wet but there was tremendous improvement in the next weeks. If you have a bedwetting child who does not like wearable alarm then I would highly recommend buy this alarm stick with it, it will work.

By Mathew

5 out of 5
This is a great product that has been a life changer for my daughter. It's easy to use and we saw improvement within few weeks.


4 out of 5
We've been using it for my 8-year-old for almost 3 weeks and he is finally having dry nights. The alarm is loud and the vibration is hard so it wakes him up and he is excited with the result.
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