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All Bedwetting Reviews

Chummie Bedwetting Alarm / All Bedwetting Reviews

By Mr. Johannessen

5 out of 5
My princess is a sound sleeper and could not wake up to go potty at night. This alarm Worked like a charm for my five-year-old. First night she woke up to alarm with wet pajama, went back to sleep. Second night again woke up to alarm with essentially dry pajama and went potty then go to sleep. Third night amazingly woke up to go potty without alarm. Now no accidents at all. Worth every penny!

By B. S.

5 out of 5
This bedwetting alarm is very durable and effective. It has done wonders for my son.

By Kettil

5 out of 5
My son used the alarm for three weeks and has learned to control not to pee on the bed. It is an amazing product that not only help children just to stop being wet at night but teaches them to when to get up before they wet the bed. I have no words to thank them enough.

By Satwinder

5 out of 5
I am very surprised to see the result using this alarm when nothing else worked. My daughter who nearly never slept dry in years is getting up fresh and happy within a month of using this alarm. I would recommend these to anyone with bedwetting child.

By Ann

5 out of 5
This seems to have been the permanent cure for my 6-year-old son. It worked pretty quick for him. A lot quicker than I was expecting.

By Reime

5 out of 5
DS wore it nightly for about 3 weeks and did a trick for my son. I am so happy that he has been able to rid of bedwetting. I would call it a perfect gift for my son.

By Pam

1 MONTH.... and our lives are changed!!
5 out of 5
I must admit... like many, I was skeptical. My 9 year old boy had been wearing pull-ups every night and woke up soaking wet each morning. We tried all the tricks- cold turkey, no pull-ups; waking him every few hours to have him go; held back the liquid intake at 6pm. Nothing worked. It was the beginning of June, we gave Chummie a try. My son was excited about it. His first 2 nights, he soaked through but flew out of bed. After that, he had 5 dry nights, then a couple of wet.... then 12 nights dry! He was disappointed when he had an accident on night 13. Back to night 1 again! THEN....He had 14 dry nights and we stopped using Chummie! It was the beginning of July and it WAS a rough JUNE..... but so worth it! It is now December and my son had only ONE WET NIGHT since June. He is so much happier and we couldn't be more thrilled for him. I have to say... my story sounds like so many others and I just am so happy! Thank you!!!!

By Larsen

5 out of 5
My eight-year-old was such a sound sleeper that this has been a frustrating problem for us for years. Our Pediatrician recommended trying an alarm system. I am SO glad that I bought this alarm. The first night she was dry and every night there after!! I was shocked! Just wearing it helped him. That is a miracle!

By Mari

5 out of 5
After trying lot of different methods to control my daughter’s bedwetting finally I bought this alarm on my friend’s recommendation and it is really working so good that I am pleased with the result.

By Anita

4 out of 5
She is been using it from nearly three weeks and Now there are very few nightly wetting accidents like a very small spot on the bed that happened twice last week that are making me more confident that my daughter will completely overcome her bedwetting very soon. I am keeping my fingers crossed to get the best out of this magical tool
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