Monitoring Bed-wetting Alarm Treatment Progress

How quickly does Chummie Bed-wetting Alarm Treatment work?

  • Chummie starts working immediately, from the very first night it is triggered. The child’s brain is already learning, even if they didn’t yet wake on their own.

How do I know if Chummie is working?

  • Some signs of significant progress are:
  • The child wakes to the alarm
  • The child reacts more and more quickly to the alarm going off
  • The child begins to ‘beat the alarm’

How long does a typical bed-wetting alarm treatment take?

  • When using Chummie consistently, it takes most children between 4-6 weeks to stop wetting.
  • Many factors can affect treatment time, including: age (older children typically need more time); gender, weight, sleep pattern and family history of bedwetting. Some children may stop wetting after a week, while others may need a few months. Each child is different.

How long do results last?

  • In most cases, bed-wetting will be permanently stopped.

My child stopped bed-wetting. Do they need to keep wearing Chummie to stay dry?

  • No, Chummie works by training the child’s brain to wake when there is a need to urinate.  If the child has been dry for 14 nights in a row, their brain has been successfully trained. The child can now sleep without Chummie.

How should I dispose Chummie?

  • Keep Chummie for a few months in case your child has a relapse. If your child is still dry after several months, you can send us your used Chummie for the ‘Donate Your Chummie’ to be refurbished and given to children in poor countries.