Bed wetting Treatment Process

Do I need to purchase a bed wetting book with Chummie?

  • Chummie is a complete treatment in itself. There is no to purchase a book that tries to walk you through various steps and procedures. For busy parents we’ve eliminated those hours so they can spend more time with their children.

Does Chummie stop bed wetting permanently?

  • Contrary to what some competitors’ sites claim, no bed wetting alarm can promise to stop bed wetting in all children permanently. Most children will remain permanently dry after completing treatment. However, after achieving 14 nights in a row, a small percentage of children will ‘relapse,’ or start wetting again. If this happens, simply re-start Chummie alarm treatment. Treatment will likely be completed much faster the second time around.

 How safe is the Chummie bed wetting alarm?

  • Chummie bed wetting alarm is very safe. It works by modifying behavior. Unlike drugs, there are no risks or side effects. Plus, Chummie offers built in comfort and safety features.

 Who can use the Chummie family of products?

  • Chummie bedwetting alarm is recommended for ages 4+; our extensive line of products can stop bed wetting in boys, girls, teenagers and adult bedwetters.

Is the Chummie bed wetting alarm loud enough to wake my deep sleeper?

  • Chummie bed wetting alarm is designed to be loud enough to wake even the deepest sleepers. Its loudest setting is very loud, but still within the safe range for everyone.

How is the Chummie Bed wetting Alarm different than me waking my child up during the night?

  • Using the Chummie bed wetting alarm teaches the child to associate having a full bladder with waking up, so the child stops wetting the bed on their own. However, when parents wake their child randomly  it doesn’t help a child to stop bedwetting on other nights because waking the child and random times not connected to when the child actually has the urge to urinate doesn’t teach the child to wake to a wet bladder.