Bedwetting Alarm Motivation and Encouragement

How to keep your child motivated?

  • Praise your child for participating in the treatment.
  • Encourage your child to try to ‘beat the buzzer’; by waking up when the bladder is full, but before they have begun to urinate in bed.
  • Help your child stay motivated by recording their progress on the included progress diary.

What is the Chummie Reward System?

  • The reward components of the Chummie bedwetting alarm system were designed for bedwetting treatment. Included with your Chummie alarm you will find a progress diary and an achievement certificate.
  • When you use these reward components, your child will feel supported and will be excited by the progress they see themselves making.
  • Download the Chummie Progress chart here.

 Should I offer other Reward?

  • Any additional rewards should be modest. Significant awards could interfere with the child’s sleep and treatment, because he/she tries not to sleep so they are sure not to wet and can ‘win’ the reward. This will not help your child overcome bedwetting, and will likely result in a very tired child the next day.

How else can we help our child feel better?

  • Let your child know if anyone in the family wet the bed growing up.
  • Do not allow the child’s siblings to tease him/her about wetting the bed.
  • Let children know that lots of kids have the same problem.
  • Maintain a low-key attitude after wetting episodes.
  • Praise the child when they help clean up after a setting episode.

Can my child use Chummie for daytime wetting?

  • Yes, Chummie bedwetting alarm can be worn during the day, and offers a discreet vibration-only setting the child can use privately. Because of its One Drop Detection, Chummie can discreetly alert the child to their wetting so they can stop before their clothes become noticeably wet.