Before Using the Chummie Bedwetting Alarm

  • Let your child take the Chummie bedwetting alarm out of its box, or take it out together. Explain to your child how Chummie works and that it will help your child to stop wetting the bed.
  • Drop a little water on the sensor to show your child how the alarm goes off.
  • Have a ‘dress rehearsal’. Have your child lay down on their bed and pretend to be asleep. Drip a bit of water on the sensor. (It does not have to be inside the underwear during this practice session).
  • Have your child pretend to wake up right away and walk to the bathroom to turn off the alarm and finish urinating. Have your child pretend his/her underwear, pull-up’s, and/or sheets are wet and pretend to change them.
  • Have your child reset the alarm and return to bed.
  • When your child is ready for bed, remind them what to do when Chummie goes off. Encourage them to try to get up super fast when Chummie goes off.
  • Tell them that over time, they will get faster and faster at waking up when Chummie goes off, and soon they will be able to wake on their own before Chummie goes off, and there will be no more wet beds!