Managing Chummie Bedwetting Alarm

At what point should an active Chummie alarm be turned off?

  • The child can turn off the Chummie bedwetting alarm after he/she is out of bed and on their way to the bathroom, or after they have finished urinating.
  • Never turn the alarm off for your child.

 How do I turn off the Chummie alarm?

  • Turning off the Chummie bedwetting alarm is a two-step process. This is intentional as it makes it difficult for the child to turn the alarm off without waking up.
  • First, briefly press the enable button. This will silence the alarm for 2 minutes.
  • Next, unplug the sensor from the alarm unit. Please refer to the manual for detailed instructions.

Should parents help their child during the night?

  • Children age 4-5 will likely need a parent’s help to get to the bathroom and clean and re-start the sensor. Older children are typically able to get to the bathroom to finish urinating, change, clean, restart the alarm system and return to bed on their own without waking the parents.

My child does not wake up to the Chummie alarm. What should I do?

  • A small number of children who are extreme deep sleepers may have trouble waking completely to the alarm on their own. Initially, a parent will need to help wake the child and lead them to the bathroom.
  • Note: Even though the child does not waking on their own yet, the brain is still learning, and after some time the child will begin to wake on their own.

 Our child’s room is far from ours and we can’t hear the alarm go off?

  • Temporarily arranging sleeping quarters is usually impractical and not a preferred solution, so many parents in this situation could use a simple baby monitor along with the Chummie bedwetting alarm.

Should your child change their own sheets after a wetting incident?

  • Children can participate in cleanup as appropriate to their age. A 6 year old shouldn’t be expected to change sheets by themselves, while a teenager is perfectly capable of taking care of this on their own if they want to.