Help With the IntelliFlex Sensor

If your Chummie is giving you false alarms, it is likely that you need to clean the sensor. Please follow the simple steps below to rinse and clean the sensor.

  • Disconnect IntelliFlex sensor from the alarm unit.
  • Wash the IntelliFlex sensor and cord with black face up under  tap water (hot or cold) to wash off urine for 5 seconds – DO NOT USE SOAP OR LIQUID DETERGENT. DO NOT WASH THE PLUG (the end that goes into the alarm unit).

  • Gently shake the IntelliFlex sensor tap to remove water from the traces.

  • Pat the sensor and cord dry with a towel or cloth – (Do NOT pull on the cord or sensor while drying. It could damage the IntelliFlex sensor).

  • Reinsert the IntelliFlex sensor into the alarm unit. Your IntelliFlex sensor is ready to detect bedwetting accidents.