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Enuresis Alarm

Chummie Premium Enuresis Alarm

bedwetting alarm

Designed for deep sleeper chummie premium enuresis alarm provides 2 bright Lights, 8 different alert sounds, soft flexible silicon sensor and vibrations to alert the bed wetter as soon as there is an enuresis accident. Chummie Premium enuresis alarm seamlessly combines the power of all these features to offer you a better enuresis treatment. It’s One Drop non corrosive Detection IntelliFlex sensor takes body shape for maximum comfort and has large urine detection area that detects urine at the first drop and buzzes the alarm to wake up your child. Award winning chummie premium enuresis alarm are often recommended by pediatric urologists as the first line of enuresis treatment.

Features that make Chummie Enuresis Alarm Awesome

  • Two bright visible lights specially designed to help alert bedwetters
  • Perfect for deep sleepers and children
  • 8 alert tones avoid getting use to one tone
  • Advanced microprocessor controlled for enhanced safety
  • Easy to program with 3-in-1 switch
  • Alarm unit alerts you when sensor comes off at night
  • Comfortable, reusable, easy to clean sensor
  • Available in three great colors – green, blue and pink

Chummie Premium contains a enuresis alarm unit, IntelliFlex sensor, 60 Flexitapes (to attach the sensor to the child’s underwear), snap-on clip, progress diary, achievement certificate, user manual, 2 AAA batteries, and a registration card.

Chummie Elite Enuresis Alarm

enuresis alarm

Doctor recommend chummie elite enuresis alarm is proven to stop enuresis in deep sleepers and children in just a few weeks. Chummie elite enuresis alarm automatically cycles through 5 loud alert tones to ensure your child doesn’t get used to any one tone. Comes with strong vibrations and bright light alerts because it knows waking up deep sleepers is hard. This enuresis alarm is Powered with a soft, non-corrosive silicone sensor with extra-large urine detection area so your child never miss an enuresis accident for a consistent treatment. Compact enuresis alarm is comfortable and is good value for money.

Amazing Elite enuresis alarm is microprocessor control with advanced safety algorithms is FDA registered and CE certified.

8 features that make Chummie Elite simply child friendly

  • Perfect for deep sleepers and children
  • 5 alert tones help children not getting used to the same tone
  • Loud volume, bright LED lights and strong vibrations
  • Includes discreet vibration only mode for camps and sleepovers
  • Easy set up with one touch magic button
  • One Drop Revolutionary silicone sensor
  • Free mobile app
  • Comes in four great colors – green, blue, orange and pink

Chummie Elite contains a enuresis alarm unit, IntelliFlex sensor, 10 Flexitapes (to attach the sensor to the child’s underwear), snap-on clip, 2AAA batteries, user manual, progress tracker and warranty card.

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Chummie Pro Enuresis Alarm

Chummie Pro bed side Enuresis alarm is a Complete enuresis system comprised of a patented loud microprocessor controlled alarm placed on bedside and a large urine detection bed mat placed below the sheet. Ideal for Adults, Teens and children, who do not want to wear wired alarms on their body and enjoy a natural good night’s sleep. Convenient and Portable chummie Pro enuresis alarm can be set up in under 30 seconds; select from 8 loud tones and vibration; Mat can be cleaned with dry cloth for immediate reuse and rolled up for easy storage and to take on trips. Unique 21″x17″ IntelliFlex mat comes with a 10-foot-long cord for maximum comfort; mat detects urine in seconds to awaken the user after an enuresis accident occurs.

Chummie Pro bed side enuresis alarm is a perfect solution for anyone looking for fast results without comprising comfort.

8 features that make Chummie Pro Bed Side Enuresis alarm a great choice.

  • Perfect for bed wetting adults, teens and children’s
  • Uses one drop detection, non-corrosive 21”x17” mat
  • Attaches mat to alarm with 10-foot-long cord
  • Program the alarm with 3-in-1 switch in under 30 seconds
  • Hypoallergenic mat is easy to clean for immediate reuse
  • Offers 8 loud alert tones avoids auditory accommodation
  • Offers 2 bright lights and strong vibrations
  • Available in three great colors – blue,green and pink

Chummie Pro contains a Bed side enuresis alarm  unit, IntelliFlex Mat,Mat sleeve, progress diary, achievement certificate, user manual, 2 AAA batteries, and registration card.