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Bedwetting Technology

Chummie Bedwetting Alarm / Bedwetting Technology

Best Bedwetting Alarm Technology

One Drop Detection Technology

All it takes is one drop of urine to trigger Chummie alarms because its smart, patented IntelliFlex sensor (comes with Chummie Premium and Elite), and IntelliFlex Mat (comes with Chummie Pro) are powered with the pioneering One Drop Detection technology , which means they detect and respond to the first drop of urine. The smart technology allows Chummie to detect urine quickly. What’s more your sensor or mat will not lose sensitivity even after years of constant use!

Revolutionary Sensor

So, what makes Chummie alarms so effective and cool? Well, it’s the compact and smart sensors–the IntelliFlex sensor and the IntelliFlex Mat. They are reusable, hypoallergenic, and non-corrosive, and offer large urine detection area. Most importantly both the mat and the sensor don’t cause false alert by triggering the alarm because of sweat!

Synchronized Sound-Light-Vibration

Chummie bedwetting alarms use loud sounds, bright lights and strong vibrations to alert your child at night. As soon as the sensor detects wetness, the alarm sets its loud sound, bright lights and strong vibrations into motion and wakes up a bedwetting child to finish urinating in the toilet.
The alarms’ smart technology offers two volume levels (Chummie Premium and Pro) and discreet vibration mode for camps and sleepovers.

Microprocessor Controlled Alarms

Chummie bedwetting alarms understand that safety is priority. So, all Chummie alarms use a small, but powerful microprocessor for enhanced safety and reliability. Advanced algorithms ensure that the device alerts you when the sensor is accidently removed or low battery is detected so you never miss a bedwetting accident.

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