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Alarm Buyers Guide

Chummie Bedwetting Alarm / Alarm Buyers Guide

Bedwetting Alarm Buyers Guide

If you are looking for effective enuresis alarms to stop bedwetting permanently or bedwetting solutions and enuresis treatments on how to stop bedwetting also called nocturnal enuresis, then keep reading.

Enuresis Alarm

Enuresis Alarm can stop primary nocturnal enuresis (nighttime bedwetting) in boys, girls, teens and adults. These alarms use moisture detection sensors and a microprocessor controlled alarm unit which beeps, vibrates and flashes lights to wake up a bedwetter. Over time, the user learns to wake up sooner till they stop bedwetting. Enuresis alarms come in wearable and bedside (bell and pad) variety.


Stop Bedwetting Permanently

Enuresis alarms can stop bedwetting permanently in boys, girls, teens and deep sleepers. Chummie alarms are award winning, doctor recommended bedwetting solutions which are proven to stop bedwetting permanently in just a few weeks. Thousands of Chummie alarms have been sold worldwide making it a highly effective enuresis treatment and solution.


How to Stop Bedwetting

Millions of children wet the bed and parents are often frustrated over how to stop bedwetting. Parents often blame themselves and/or the bedwetting child, but remember that it’s no one’s fault. Bedwetting is genetic and in many cases, it is possible to stop bedwetting permanently in children, teens and deep sleepers with the use of a bedwetting alarm.


Nocturnal Enuresis

Nocturnal Enuresis also known as bedwetting is the involuntary wetting during sleep after the age at which bladder control is normally obtained. Nocturnal enuresis is of two types, primary secondary. Learn more about the different types of nocturnal enuresis and available bedwetting treatment options and solutions.


Bedwetting Solutions

If you have a bedwetter, chances are you are looking for bedwetting solutions. One of the best ways to stop bedwetting is by using a bedwetting alarm. These proven systems are powerful behavior modification tools which can train the users brain to stop bedwetting. For more information on bedwetting solutions, click below.


Enuresis Treatment

There are many types of enuresis treatment aimed to stop nighttime enuresis in boys, girls and teens. These enuresis treatments are usually best available as enuresis alarms. Enuresis alarms offer a powerful and permanent solution to end nighttime bedwetting with no side effects and low cost and highly effective techniques.


Incontinence Products

There are a number of incontinence products available at the Chummie store for bedwetters of all ages. These include bedwetting alarms, waterproof mattress pads, waterproof bed pads, urine stain removers, briefs for children and adults and nightlights. Learn which is the right incontinence product for your individual needs.