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Nocturnal enuresis, refers to the unintentional passage of urine during sleep. Enuresis is the medical term for wetting, whether in the clothing during the day or in bed at night. For infants and young children, urination is involuntary. Wetting is normal for them. Enuresis treatment is required for children who wet the bed after the age 5.

Primary nocturnal enuresis

This is the recurrent involuntary passage of urine during sleep by a child aged 5 years or older, who has never achieved consistent night-time dryness.

Secondary nocturnal enuresis

This is the involuntary passage of urine during sleep by a child, teen or adult who has previously been dry for at least six months.

Factors that may be considered for enuresis treatment are like the child’s gender:  Bedwetting is more common in boys, The child’s development and maturity and overall physical and emotional health.

Enuresis is typically seen more as a social disturbance than a medical disease. It creates embarrassment and anxiety in the child and sometimes conflict between parents. Are you concerned about your child’s nocturnal enuresis problem? We have the answer for you.

Enuresis alarms have become the mainstay of enuresis treatment. Its best to choose an enuresis alarm which is designed for their needs. We recommend these alarms for enuresis treatment, if you have questions or need help deciding an enuresis alarm, reach out to our specialists.

Enuresis treatment and alarms for children, teens and adults.

Best Nocturnal Enuresis Alarms

Stop Bedwetting Permanently

Wearable Enuresis Alarms

Stop bedwetting in children and deep sleepers

Bedside Enuresis Alarms

Stop adult bed wetting & teen bedwetting

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Full Features Alarm

8-tones, lights and vibration



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  • Chummie Elite Orange

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Budget Friendly Alarm

5-tones, lights and vibration



  • Chummie Pro Blue
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Comfortable Alarm

8-tones, lights and vibration



How alarms are helpful for enuresis treatment?

  • Enuresis alarms have a high success rate to stop bedwetting permanently in children. It’s proves more effective, when used properly and when both parents and child are motivated
  • A vast majority of children stop bedwetting after using these enuresis alarms for 12-16 weeks.
  • Some children start wetting the bed again when the alarm is discontinued or they have relapse. However, the positive response to reinstating the alarm system is rapid due to the behavioral conditioning experienced during the first treatment cycle.
  • These alarms take time to work. You need to have patience. The child should use the alarm for weeks to get the best result
  • There are two types of enuresis alarms: Wearable and Bed side alarms.
  • Alarms are preferred over medications for children because they have no side effects.
  • For the alarm to be effective, the child must desire to use it. It is a matter of patience, motivation, and time


Make your enuresis treatment more successful with tips along with enuresis alarm.

  • More children become dry when rewarded, this supportive approach is very important for installing confidence in children. Punishment has no role to play in this case.
  • Encourage the child to empty their bladder before bed.
  • Ensure there is access to the toilet at night.
  • Ensure adequate but not excessive fluid intake during the day (1000-1400 ml per day in a child aged 5 years)
  • Avoid caffeine-based drinks before bed.
  • Practice a technique called positive imagery, where you think about waking up dry before you go to sleep, this can help children stop bedwetting.
  • Keep a goal of treatment e.g.; To stay dry on particular occasions like sleepover and to reduce the number of wet nights

We recommend adding waterproof mattress pad to your alarm selection. Waterproof Mattress pad will protect your bed and make clean up easier.

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