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Incontinence Products

Chummie Bedwetting Alarm / Incontinence Products

Incontinence Products

With several million US residents suffering from nighttime bed wetting, incontinence is no more a medical condition. It is starting to become an epidemic. Incontinent children, teens and adults can suffer from embarrassment and depression over bedwetting accidents and often look to purchase incontinence products both online and in stores. Just as no two bedwetters are the same, no two incontinence solutions are the same either. Then how does one decide which one is the best incontinence products for their needs? This is often a confusing question asked and the key lies in evaluating different options from available incontinence products and finding what’s right for you. Most common incontinence products include bedwetting alarms, waterproof mattress pads, waterproof bed pads, urine stain removers and nightlights.


Type of Incontinence Products

Bedwetting Alarms

Bedwetting alarms are by far the most effective and proven solution to stop stop bedwetting in boys, girls, teens and to stop adult bed wetting. Chummie offers two types of bedwetting alarms for those who wet the bed; wearable bedwetting alarms and bedside bedwetting alarms. Wearable bedwetting alarms include Chummie Premium and Chummie Elite alarms. Bedside alarms include the Chummie Pro alarm. While they are different in features, they work on similar principles; the alarm wakes up the user on detecting urine so the user can go use the bathroom. Over time, the users brain starts communicating with the bladder and senses the need to go and eventually, the bedwetter can hold till the morning without wetting the bed and stop bedwetting. All Chummie alarms feature loud sound, strong vibrations and bright lights to awake even the most deepest sleepers. Chummie alarms are the perfect incontinence product for bedwetters of all ages.

Wearable Bedwetting Alarms

Stop bedwetting in boys, girls and deep sleepers

Bedside Bedwetting Alarms

Stop teen  and adult bed wetting

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Full Featured Alarm

8-tones, lights and vibration



  • Chummie Elite Blue
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  • Chummie Elite Green
  • Chummie Elite Orange

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Budget Friendly Alarm

5-tones, lights and vibration



  • Chummie Pro Blue
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  • Chummie Pro Green

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Comfortable Alarm

8-tones, lights and vibration



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Waterproof Mattress Pads & Waterproof Bed Pads

At the Chummie store, you can shop for more than bedwetting alarms. We offer several incontinence products including waterproof mattress pads and waterproof bed pads. Chummie waterproof mattress pads are better than plastic sheets and have a waterproof layer to prevent your mattress from stains and liquid spills. These waterproof bed pads make cleanup easier and can be washed and dried using conventional washers and dryers. Millions of bedwetters use waterproof mattress pads and waterproof bed pads nightly. These come in a variety of sizes, urine absorption capacity and features such as quilted, reversible, bamboo material and so on. These incontinence products are recommended for use in conjunction with a bedwetting alarm. As the user trains his/her brain to stop bedwetting, the waterproof mattress pads protect the bed. Most waterproof mattress pads and waterproof bed pads come with a 1 year warranty and are guaranteed to last over 300 washes. They are better than plastic sheets to protect against urine leaks but are uncomfortable to sleep on and make cracking noise when users sleep on them.

  • Quilted waterproof mattress pads are most popular. They come in various sizes with optional tuck-in flaps. They are comfortable to sleep on and provide large amount of urine protection.
  • Quilted and reversible waterproof mattress pads are more cost effective than disposable training pants or absorbent underpants and can be washed multiple times.
  • Reversible waterproof mattress pads are unique; they can be used on either side up. Users can turn over the dry side when one side is wet so they don’t have to disturbing their sleep in the middle of night.
  • Bamboo waterproof bed pads, urine stain resistant waterproof bed pads and odor control waterproof bed pads are other popular incontinence products offered in the Chummie store.
  • Plastic sheets protect against any leakage but are not comfortable to sleep on and they make noise when you lie on them

Briefs for Adults and Children

Briefs are very popular as incontinence products. These briefs are usually worn by the user and contain an impermeable multi layered sheet with high absorbency. They are designed to prevent urine leaks at night and protect mattresses from stain and odor. Most briefs for adults and children are made from cotton so they are washable or disposable paper.

Which brief to select will depend on the type of incontinence users experiences.

  • Disposable underpants are by far the most popular briefs and provide maximum absorption and coverage for bladder incontinence. They come in gender specific shape and sizes and are light weight and .
  • Adult briefs are similar to diapers and are used for medium to heavy incontinence. These briefs provide maximum absorption and coverage. The material is usually breathable and comes in various sizes.
  • Washable briefs are incontinence underwears which  feel and fit like regular under wear. They are recommended for light incontinence and are usually worn with additional incontinence liners. These washable briefs are designed for optimal urine absorption.


Urine & Mattress tain Removers

Stain removers are popular incontinence products found in many households. They are widely used in conjunction with bedwetting alarms. Stain removers as the name suggests, remove urine stains and odors from the mattress or bed pad. Stain removers can be used for both spot treatment and complete wash cycles.

Urine in general is hard to clean up. Urine contains uric acid crystals which make removing urine stainsfrom a mattress is extremely difficult. Urine stains and odor can not be easily removed with simple hot water and soap. These chemicals do not break down uric acid. The best way to get rid of urine stains and odor is to use an enzyme based urine stain remover. They stain removers are available in liquid form and need to be applied to the area affected and sit for several hours. They attack the uric acid crystals and neutralize stains. A general rule of thumb is to use equal part of urine stain remover as the urine that originally caused the stain for best result.


Night Light

Night lights are extremely popular with young bedwetters. They are plugged into a wall outlet and have a soft glow. Since they are powered by LED’s they don’t get warm and are cool to touch. When a bedwetting accident takes place and the bedwetting alarm goes off, most children are disoriented at night due to deep sleep. At this time, a nightlight can come handy. They can help direct children to the bathroom and on completing urinating, children can find their way back to their bed conveniently. This can be very useful since the main lights are not turned on and the dark sleeping environment is preserved. Nightlights are one of many incontinence products available at the Chummie store. The USB nightlight is

  • Just the right brightness so users don’t see it through your eye lids when eyes are closed.
  • Bright enough so users can move around the room comfortably.
  • Free of blue light which disrupts the healthy production of melatonin (the sleep hormone).