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Potty Training and Healthy Toilet Habits

Chummie Bedwetting Alarm / Potty Training  / Potty Training and Healthy Toilet Habits
Potty Training and Healthy Toilet Habits - Chummie Bedwetting Alarm

Potty Training and Healthy Toilet Habits

Potty training doesn’t have to be hard or stressful. When it’s time to begin potty training, place a Chummie Joy Potty Training Ladder Step Up Seat in the bathroom. Encourage your child to sit on the potty chair in his/her clothes to start out and explain hygiene.

Did you wash your hands? Probably that’s the question every mom asks her toddler as he or she achieves the potty-training milestone. As you enjoy every moment of seeing your little one transition to a ‘big kid,’ ensure they learn healthy toilet habits. Here are some potty-training tips that can help you achieve that with ease.

  • Flush, Flush, Flush

For parents with a scared flusher, this is probably one of the most useful potty-training tips. If you have toddler, who is sacred of flushing sounds, simply close the lid and then ask to flush.

Tell your little one flushing is essential to keep the toilet clean and hygienic for them as well as other family members.

  • What Goes Down There

Make the conversation playful and fun with your child about what they can throw in the toilet. It might be helpful to develop a game where you ask them 5 things that can’t go down the flush.

Also, remember that many newly potty-trained toddlers want to test their flushing skills by throwing large amount of toilet paper down the toilet. To avoid a clogging calamity set the number of strips your child can use and have them count it.

  • Washing 101

This is probably the most important class of your potty-training school. Engage your toddler with colorful soaps, vibrant towels with their favorite character or favorite rhyme so that spend enough time washing their hands. Explain that washing hands is important to make them germ free.

Place a step stool in the bathroom to allow easy access to the soap dispenser and the sink. This is one of the simplest potty training tips, but if it just slipped your mind, applying can make your toddler feel confident and motivate them to wash hands thoroughly.

  • Clean Ups

Of course, they’re going to be splashes all around the sink. You just taught them to wash hand to be germ free. Keep a disposable towel or hand cloths handy and ask your little one to wipe around the sink. Well, it’s not about making your sink sparkling clean, but teaching your child to develop healthy cleaning habits.

Try some or all of these potty training tips to instill good habits from the very start.

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