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Comfy-Armband Assistance

Chummie Bedwetting Alarm / Comfy-Armband Assistance

Comfy-Armband Assistance

If you need assistance with your Comfy-Armband, you have reached the right page. The Chummie support team has grouped most commonly asked questions by parents and product testers over the years. We combined these questions for your convenience.

First time users of the Chummie system will learn how to set up the Comfy-Armband at night and get ready for the treatment.

If you need additional assistance or you need to contact Chummie Support, please visit the Contact Us section.

To download user manuals, progress charts and other valuable information, please visit the Chummie support section.

For further assistance with the Comfy-Armband or for additional information, please select from the sections below. To learn more about a section, simply visit a section and click over the question that interests you. Relevant information will be shown.

Attaching the Comfy-Armband

  • Remove the snap-on clip from your Chummie alarm and place the alarm in the comfy-armband pouch.
  • Slide the comfy-armband onto your arm, adjust the strap so it fits comfortable and then secure the Velcro tab. Do not secure the tab too tightly.
  • Attach the IntelliFlex sensor sensor to your child's undergarment, run the sensor cord under the shirt and insert into your Chummie alarm.
The Comfy-Armband is compatible with Chummie Premium and Chummie Elite alarms.
You can order accessories for your Chummie alarm here or contact us at (800) 230-6775 and we can help you place your order.

Cleaning and Maintainence for the Comfy-Armband

  • To wash the Comfy-Armband, open the armband and place in a bowl filled with warm water and a little liquid detergent for about half an hour. DO NOT wash in washing machine.
  • After 30 minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water and let it air dry.
  • DO NOT use bleach.
  • DO NOT dry in a drying machine.

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