Getting Started with Chummie Bedwetting Alarm

Introducing Chummie to you child

  • Let your child take Chummie out of its box, or take it out together.
  • Explain to your child how Chummie works.
  • Drop a little water on the sensor to show the child how the alarm goes off.
  • Have a ‘dress rehearsal’

How do I have a dress rehearsal?

  • Have your child lay down on their bed and pretend to be asleep.
  • Drip a bit of water on the sensor. (It does not have to be inside the underwear during this practice session).
  • Have the child pretend to wake up right away and walk to the bathroom to turn off the alarm.
  • Have your child pretend his/her underwear, PullUps, and/or sheets are wet and pretend to change them.
  • Have your child reset the Chummie alarm and return to bed.

How to attach the Chummie sensor Cord?

  • It’s best that the Chummie sensor cord be worn below the shirt. If worn outside, it could catch on fingers and accidentally be removed.

Water intake during treatment?

  • Restricting the amount of liquid your child drinks before bedtime might reduce the total amount of urine that is released during a wetting incident, however, it will not prevent wetting completely.
  • Restricting fluids could even make things worse.
  • Your child should follow a normal and healthy routine, unless directed otherwise by a doctor.

Would avoiding particular foods or beverages help?

  • No, avoiding certain foods/drinks will not impact the way the child’s brain responds to a full bladder at night.

Should my child urinate before sleeping?

  • Only if he/she needs to. Trying to force them to urinate if they don’t need to can cause them anxiety and be counterproductive to treatment.

Any recommended tips & precautions with the Chummie?

  • Since your child will have to get up in the middle of the night to get to the bathroom, it’s a good idea to leave a night light or two on so the room and hallway are not completely dark. Putting a flashlight near the bed can also be helpful.

Does my child have to wear Chummie every night?

  • Wearing Chummie consistently each and every night is the fastest way to train the child’s brain to wake so they can sleep dry.