Bedwetting Alarm Progress Chart

This powerful and advanced system will help give your child the confidence and positive reinforcement they need to overcome bedwetting.

The progress chart and stickers will help you track your child’s daily treatment progress and give your child the motivation required to sleep dry at night.

Download the Chummie Progress Chart here

Monitoring your child’s progress is easy.

  • Every morning when your child wake up, let them color a cartoon character whether they woke up wet or dry.
  • There are 7 stars on a page; one for each day of the week.
  • Color a star ONLY if your child slept dry throughout the night.
  • DO NOT color a star if the Chummie bedwetting alarm beeped at night.
  • When your child records 14 consecutive dry nights (14 colored stars on 2 pages), you may discontinue the program.

Congratulations! Your child is now free from bedwetting.