Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm

Initial Setup
Fasten the Chummie bedwetting alarm unit to the outside neckline or around arm with optional armband accessory (sold separately).chummie

If you are using a diaper, first attach the sensor outside the underwear and then wear a diaper.


If using a diaper, first attach the sensor to the outside of your child’s undergarment and follow instructions above. Wear the diaper on top of the attached sensor so that the sensor is sandwiched between the underwear and diaper.

Bedwetting Alarm Adjustment
To prevent your child from becoming accustomed to any one alarm, Chummie offers you 8 alarm tones, 2 volume levels and vibration control.

Disconnect the sensor from the alarm unit by removing the sensor plug from the sensor jack.
intellifex sensorBriefly press the enable button. The alarm unit will beep once and activate the program switch for 10 seconds. Changes to the alarm can be now be made.
enable buttonSelect alarm tones by pressing the program switch inwards. There are 8 tones to choose from. The 9th tone is silent mode – vibration and lights only.
switch inward
Increase or decrease volume by alternately pushing the program switch upwards. Low volume is approximately half as loud as high volume.
inscredecreasevolumeEnable or disable vibration by alternately pushing the program switch downwards.

The bedwetting alarm unit will enter standby (power save) mode 10 seconds after the last adjustment is made with the program switch. In standby mode, the program switch is disabled. To select a new alarm, repeat the steps above.